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New Work

Date Feb-1-2020

I have finally finished my map of Stowmarket. It has taken me ages.

These are some of my latest prints. The first featuring my dog Freddie. They are the first multi plate lino cuts I have done for a while. I made the one of Freddie with his ball stupidly complicated using five different colour plates, two of which have more than one colour applied to them. The one next to it is of my wife Sue and Freddie having an afternoon doze. The third print is of the three of us having breakfast at Landguard Point in Felixstowe.

Freddie with ball      

The print below was made a couple of years ago but I added it to this post because all four of these prints are published in Mascot Media’s new book ‘Paw Prints’. If you love dogs you will love this book.