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This section of the website is to let you know what I am up to, what is inspiring me and about forthcoming exhibitions. It is very much in first draft stage.

Future exhibitions

Posted: Feb-27-2019

2 April – 26 May I will be exhibiting at the Old Fire Engine House in Ely.

11 June – 23 June I will be exhibiting at the Wymondham Arts Centre with other artists that featured in the book the Artist’s Garden.

25 July – 31 July I will be exhibiting with 12PM at the Garage Gallery in Aldburgh, Suffolk.

23 August – 29 August I will be exhibiting with 12PM at the Sentinal Gallery in Wivenhoe, Essex.

1 Oct – 30 Nov I will be exhibiting with 12PM at the Old Fire Engine House in Ely.

New Work

Posted: Oct-19-2018

This is my latest print. The first featuring my dog Freddie. It is the first multi plate lino cut I have done for a while. I made it stupidly complicated using five different colour plates, two of which have more than one colour applied to them. I have an idea for another but next time I will simplify it. It was fun anyway. I have done a number of other prints since the ones below. Sorry, I have been a bit lazy adding them to this site.

Freddie with ball

Partly to prepare for a course I am leading titled ‘painterly lino-cuts’ at Gainsborough’s House, I have made the prints below. The textures were created by using a combination of caustic soda to etch the surfaceof the lino and by applying the ink in several thin layers, sometimes using small rollers.

IMG_2337 IMG_2336 IMG_2335

It is also possible to use wax as a resist and then applying the caustic soda. The print below of Needham Lakes in Mid Suffolk was created in this way. Rather than using a reduction technique as I usually do and did with the prints above. This print is made using two seperate plates of lino and inking one up with a light grey and the other with dark grey.


The prints below were made using dry-point card or mount board that was prepared with a coat of PVA glue and water.

IMG_2343 IMG_2342 IMG_2341