Carl Peter Borges
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Largely self taught, my early work utilised a wide variety of mediums reflecting experiences whilst travelling in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia. Now back home in East Anglia most of my pictures are relief prints and painting although I also use other print making techniques.

Images express memories of the people and places I have encountered. Other images explore the patterns, shapes and textures found in nature.

My work proceeds through a series of sketches and sometimes photographs. The first sketches are usually from memory or imagination. As the composition develops a combination of sketches from the scene and photographs are used to fill in any required details. The completed composition is then transferred onto the surface of the lino or wood block. From this point a variety of approaches are available but all involve cutting away areas of lino and applying ink with rollers onto the bits that remain. Paper is then placed onto the block and pressure applied so the ink is transferred from block to paper. The simplest linocuts are in black and white but more complex images can be developed by layering several colours on top of each other.

My work has been exhibited throughout East Anglia and in London including:

  • The Jessica Muir Gallery in Long Melford
  • The Grapevine Gallery in Norwich
  • Gainsborough’s House in Sudbury
  • The Strand Gallery in Aldeburgh
  • The Geeden Gallery in Fingringhoe
  • The Gallery at Shepherds Market (Mayfair)
  • St John Smith’s Square in Westminster

I have been a printmaker for about fifteen years and a member of Gainsborough’s House Printmakers and 12PM (12 Printmakers).