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This section of the website is to let you know what I am up to, what is inspiring me and about forthcoming exhibitions. It is very much in first draft stage.

Future exhibitions

Posted: Nov-7-2017

Some of my more recent work is hanging at the Jessica Muir gallery in Long Melford and I also have some work at the Aubrey Gallery in Great Dunmow.

I am currently exhibiting some work at the Apex in Bury along with the Gainsborough’s House Printmakers (until 3 December 2017).

New Work

Posted: Nov-7-2017

Bullfinches and Blossom

Bullfinches and Blossom

I have recently discovered that I can make some quite large prints by feeding the print plate trough my press and pressing the print in three or four sections. To avoid any lines showing from the hard edge of the press, I pack out the press using newspaper with a torn edge. Here are two prints I have recently made using this technique. The first one is an updated version of Ickworth Walled  Garden and the second is the view from my bedroom window.

Ickworth Walled Garden Front Combs Harvest 1

I have also made three more miniatures (about 10cm x 10 cm) to go with those I made last year.

Combs Church 2 Blossom 3 Chaffinches


I have also been experimenting with reduction woodcuts and I like the softer lines they create. Here are a few below, one of an Ash with some fresh growth, a spindle in fruit and some willow growing over a ditch.

IMG_1632 IMG_1631 IMG_1633

I have been quite busy so far this year with both my print making and other work. recently I have been working on some collagraphs, partly to help prepare for a collagraph course I ran at Gainsborough’s House print workshop in the spring. These are some of the results.

Great Tits collagraph 1 Green Woodpecker 1 Redwing 1 Goldcrest 1

Last Spring and Summer I made several studies of the landscape near where I live in Combs and later in the year developed these studies into collagraphs and linocuts. I was inspired by the both the larger landscape and small details within the landscape. I have looked at the contrasts of colour and texture, for example young growth against old and Lichen covered branches over a pond.

Here are some of the collagraphs

willow over ditch Stump Spindle G. Lucidum Combs Wood Bramble over grass Ash The way to Combs Wood 1 The way to Coms Wood 2

The way to Combs Wood 3  EA Landscapes 3 EA Landscapes 2 EA landscapes 1

And these are the linocuts

Willow over water Hazel catkins A5 Elder over ditch A5 Buzzard over Combs Wood A5 Brambling and Chaffinch A5 Blackbird A5 A Combs Landscape